Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Barn Raising Splitting

Despite our best efforts we did not finish the barn splitting this weekend.

I cannot explain it but time in Kansas goes three times as quick as anywhere else. I just don't understand it. I will check the clock, 9 o'clock. Not 2 minutes, TWO MINUTES, later and it's 9:45! How is that possible?

Saturday morning we headed to Lowes for our cattle panels. I cannot believe how long it took to demolish the middle portion of wood partition that was up. There were probably no less than 14 old rotten pallets as well in the back portion of the barn in the ground where the hay used to be stored. We had planned to leave them but Jeremiah pulled one up and it was rotten to the core so up they all came. Which was a good thing actually. They would have had to have come up eventually.

(standing in the "open" area, milk room behind me, looking out into the new hay area)

The corner of the barn has a pretty substantial beam (4x6) that had about 6 inches rotted away from the ground up. The corner vertical beams are sunk into the ground and the concrete foundation is poured starting from each beam to the next corner for the framing to sit on. Jeremiah had to install a few pieces of 2x6 that are sitting on the concrete now and stabilize it permanently. It wasn't too big of an issue.

We managed to get it split half way back with panels, install the feeders and jerry rig it the rest of the way with a 12 foot gate to keep them from getting into the "open area". It'll do just fine to keep them out of the hay too. I forgot to buy the horse panel (4"x4" openings) for the kidding area. We were at Lowes and they only carry the horse panels at Tractor Supply. We'll pick it up this coming weekend when we take the livestock trailer to the dump.

(Future kidding pens area in the back of the barn. They'll be two once we pick up the horse panels)

I am really loving how it came out so far! I LOVE being able to feed the girls from the "safe" side of the fence. I no longer am mauled* when it's feeding time.

*As much as a goat could possibly maul you being as how they have no upper teeth on the front portion of their gums and the fact that my does wouldn't hurt a fly.

At any rate, hay comes in today.

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